Tools to improve how well your website performs

A collection of SEO tools that I have developed to help website developers and website owners perform Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) tasks to improve and promote their websites.

Maybe you have an idea for a tool you would like developed? Or are in need of some Technical SEO Services. If so, why not Contact Me.

Google Search Result Preview Tool

Google Result Preview Tool

Your pages title and meta description are often used by Google when they display search results (SERP).

Check out how your website pages may look in Google with this FREE online preview tool.

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HTTP Header Checker Tool

Ensuring your website responds to requests correctly can be very important. Especially with SEO and the way you redirect requests to a new page.

This HTTP Header Checker tool checks the responses you are sending so you can make sure your doing the right thing.

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Missing Web Page Analyser - 404 Checker

404 Error

It often happens. Someone gets a URL wrong or a file is removed and it ends up people are sent to pages that don't exist.

This tool checks if your website is doing the right thing by returning a 404 Missing Page status code when this happens.

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SEO & Web Analysis Toolset (SWAT)

In my work as an SEO & Online Marketer I have developed several Windows based tools to help me do deeper analysis of the data available.

I am in the process of providing public versions of these tools under one application I have called SWAT.

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dmoz Open Directory Submission Checker

It can take a long time to get accepted by DMOZ. This tool saves you time by making it easy to check if you have been added.

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Website Broken Link Checker

The Website Link Checker Tool in action
This website link checker ensures your visitors have a good experience by making sure that it does not have any dead or broken links.
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CSS Compressor Tool for a faster website - FREE!

CSS Style Text getting more compact to the right

Speed is now a ranking factor with Google, so you want your website to load as fast as possible.

This tool compresses your CSS files so they take less time to load.

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JavaScript Compressor Tool for a faster website - FREE!

Speed is now a ranking factor with Google, so you want your website to load as fast as possible.

This tool compresses your JavaScript files so they take less time to load.

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.HtAccess 301 Redirect Generator Tool

Manually creating RewriteRules for a .htaccess file can be time consuming and error prone. This tool generates the rules for you.

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CTR v Search Position Chart

Discover your own search result position based click through rates (CTR) using data provided by Google themselves.

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Firefox to KeePass Password Importer

It's a free way to import passwords exported from a Firefox Browser into the KeePass Password Application. It should also work with Thunderbird, Flock and Songbird!

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Google Search Result Parser

Google's search results have become a lot more complex. It's no longer a case of tracking how well your doing based on your organic position from 1 to 10. Now the results also contain ads, news, brand, stores, places, maps, product, videos and images. Each of these components steal space from the organic results and give websites alternate ways to become listed.

This tool helps you analyse these complex search results.

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Location Map Maker

A map made by the location map maker
A tool to help you add a map to your website indicating where your business is located.
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Regex Search and Replace Tool

A simple tool to let you replace a random percentage of Regex matches (e.g. words) will alternate text.

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Search Queries Charts (Beta)

Import your Google Search Console Search Queries or Pages data to see charts and tables showing keyword/page position changes and keyword relationships.

Visualising ranking changes can be a great way to highlight issues or opportunities.

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Social Profile Search Tool

Find Influential Social Media Profiles and Pages. This search tool finds social profiles related to the search terms you provide. Check it out.

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The Organic Search Result Widget

Organic Search Result Widget

This JavaScript widget enables you to not only simulate Google Search Results, but you can integrate it and make it editable.

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Track Google Local Business Pages

My Business Page Tracking

This simple task makes it possible to separate out the Local Listing information in the Google Search Console and in Google Analytics.

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UTM Parameter Remover

Ugly UTL Parameters Removed

This simple script will safely remove those ugly utm parameters from your address bar, after they have been used by Google Analytics

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Zeus Server 301 Redirect Generator Tool

Manually creating Redirect rules for a Zeus server can take time and is error prone. This tool generates the rules for you!

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