Experiments & Tests

The world of SEO is constantly evolving. What worked last week may not work now. New technologies are constantly appearing which need learning and applying.

This area has been made to let me try out new concepts and ideas I have that may benefit my clients.

SEO Ajax using Google's Proposed Solution

An experiment to see how Google's proposed crawlable Ajax works. This may also be applicable to helping make Flash more crawlable.

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Australian Link Building Search Engine

Provides Search Results limited to websites that have value to Australian businesses when link building.
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CTR v Search Position Chart

Discover your own search result position based click through rates (CTR) using data provided by Google themselves.

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I'm A Teapot

I'm off my rocker, demented, nuts and one sandwich short of a picnic. I think I'm a teapot!

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Keyword Effectiveness Index (KEI) Re-Visited

KEI is one of the most popular formulas used for keyword analysis. Here I re-examine and try to enhance the original.

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PubSubHubbub - Real-time Feeds and Blogs

PubSubHubbub is gaining acceptance as the way to push your RSS or Atom feeds to subscribers. Here I explain the basics on how it works.

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Search Queries Charts (Beta)

Import your Google Webmaster Tools Search Queries or Pages data to see charts and tables showing keyword/page position changes and keyword relationships.

Visualising ranking changes can be a great way to highlight issues or opportunities.

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