SWAT Google Search Console / Google Webmaster Tools ExporterThis Tool No Longer Works Since Google Has Shut Down Its Old API

What can it do?

The SWAT Google Webmaster Tools Data Exporter lets you download your Google Search Console (was Google Webmaster Tools) Data from all your sites, all in one go.

Operating System
Windows with .Net 4.0
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It supports exporting of:

  • Links to Your Site
  • Internal Links
  • Top Search Queries
  • Top Search URLs
  • Top Queries Chart
  • Top URLs Chart
  • Totals
  • Content Keywords

Once downloaded, you can examine this data in applications like Excel or use it in tools such as my BackLink Checker , my Search Queries Chart and my Click Through Rate Chart . And I will be building more ways to process this data in the future.

It's also a good move to download this data as it currently only lasts for 3 months. Grab it while you can!


To install the application download and run this Windows Installation File .

Computers are getting more secure and less trustworthy of files from the internet, so you will probably have to confirm you trust the installation a few times.

Your browser may display a warning that the file could be dangerous or it is blocking you from downloading it. Select the option to let you go ahead and download.

Once the download is complete you can click on it to start the installation process.

Again you may be show warnings because it is an un-trusted file from the internet. To install you will have to select the options to let it go ahead. On Windows 8 you need to click on the "More Info" link to see the options to run it.

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Getting Started

When you start the application click on the GWT Exporter button to start this tool. Then the steps are relatively simple:

  1. Enter your Google account information and click login.
  2. This will list all the sites in your account.
  3. Choose which sites you want to download data from (defaults to all).
  4. Select the date range for the data you want to download (defaults to last month).
  5. Pick which data files to download.
  6. Click the download button.
  7. Select the folder to place the files.
  8. Watch the download speed along.
  9. Use your data.

Use an Application Specific Password

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The tool uses basic authentication via email and password (Because this is all the Google Search Console supports). Your details are only used to connect with the Google Search Console website via a secure connections.

You can use your normal password, but I recommend you do not. For your own added security I recommend you switched on Two Step Verification then Create an Application Specific Password and use that for this tool. This way you can feel safe that you are not risking your main password. If you do use Two Step Verification then you have to use an application specific password. And if you don't you can't.

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Let's Make It Better

This is an early version of the tool and so is ripe for feature suggestions and improvements. I'm sure you SEOs out there have some great ideas so please provide feedback either privately or in the chat below.