Anthony James McCreath, Senior Software Engineer

Anthony McCreath's Resume (PDF)

As a teenager in the 80s, Tony started writing programs for local businesses. He was sponsored by GPT while at university, completing an honours degree in Electrical & Computer Engineering. Later he moved to Nortel, which took him into the formal world of mobile telephone exchange software development. A NASA like development environment with a major emphasis on reliability and quality.

After arriving in Australia, he moved into eCommerce websites and windows application development with Motown Nexus.

He is currently running his own business that provides consultation & advice on how to optimise and promote business websites.

  • Senior Software Engineer with 25 years professional experience.
  • Skilled in all phases of software development.
  • Strong aptitude for analysis and problem solving.
  • An attention to detail and quality.
  • High personal drive to broaden and deepen knowledge.
  • British & Australian Citizen

Primary Technologies:
C#, .Net, SQL, HTML, XML, CSS, JavaScript,, Json-ld, Microdata, Ajax, RegEx
Primary Skills:
Software design & development, windows and web applications, website development, database design, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), internet marketing, Google Ads PPC (Pay Per Click) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
Development Environments:
Windows, Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, GitHub, MySQL, SQL Server, Chrome

Professional Experience

This is my own business. The primary aim is to provide advice & services related to the promoting and optimising of websites.

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Designed & Developed a custom Content Management System (CMS) used to power complex ecommerce websites.

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As a Senior Software Engineer I was involved in re-writing their GSM call processing architecture. The final architecture became one of the most successful major software re-works in Nortel switching.

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GPT sponsored me through University, This sponsorship included a full year of training and placements. After university I worked on several projects related to low level network software.

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B.Eng (Hons) II/II in "Electronic & Computer Engineering" at Birmingham University, England.

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Free-lance Programmer (pre Sept 1985)

As a teenager I was commissioned to produce several software packages covering accounts, CAD, database management and payroll. This was at the time that home computers had just appeared (BBC micro, C-64, Vic-20, Mini, Mainframe, Basic, 6502, Z80). I also spent several months as a part time assistant in a Computer shop.

Hobbies & Interest

Software is a passion, a hobby, and a business; however it is not all that I am. I'm a social person and I love meeting up with my friends, be it at the beach, a BBQ, or a bar. I also love travelling, and have seen many countries and cultures.

I live walking distance from the city and I love the life style it brings. I cycle everywhere and don't even have a car!

I have also written a less formal story of my life .

My personal website, Tony's Wibbles , shows more about me through travel articles, geeky stuff and some plain randomness.