Adelaide, Australia, Dec 2002–Jan 2010

A small website and software development company that specialised in handling small to medium sized businesses with custom requirements.

I designed, developed and managed a .Net based software framework called Grunt. Grunt is a database driven business framework based on Object Relational Mapping (ORM) techniques. It is used to power several in house applications including:

A custom Content Management System (CMS) used to power several complex and diverse ecommerce website systems. I was the lead in analysing each clients business needs and developing the required infrastructure. This included the development of a web based administration interface using Asp.Net 2.0, Ajax and ExtJs.

A windows based, multi server accounting system used to drive multiple independent shops within a single business structure. This enables shops in the system to share common data while still keeping private data such as price modifications and customer/order details. This system integrated directly with the CMS system, enabling shops to instantly update their website from their accounts software.

I was also directly involved in the design and development of our clients public websites. This work with the clients eventually lead to me researching online marketing and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to become the in-house SEO expert. One client awarded me with a free trip to Sydney for the work I did in promoting their website. Another client stated that we turned their silent website into one of their largest forms of revenue.


AKA: Melbec Pty Ltd, Memotec Pty Ltd