Coventry, England, Sept 1985–Aug 1991

Attached Processor Communications Subsystem dev. (Aug 1990–Aug 1991)

I took over the early development of a messaging interface between applications on UNIX boxes and GPT's System-X switches. Networking was via TCP/IP over Ethernet. I resolved issues and deficiencies in the initial design and produced a reliable product which out performed expectations and requirements. (Sun/Tandem, C, IPC)

FDDI firmware development (Oct 1989–Aug 1990)

I took over development of the lower layers (LLC/MAC/PHY) of a Fibre Distributed Data Interface (FDDI). This included working on the integration with hardware and the higher OSI layers, that other team members were developing. (Sun, C, 68K, 88K, Tadpole, VRTX).

Sponsored Student - year in industry (Sept 1985–Sep 1986)

As part of my sponsorship deal I spent one year working for GPT before going to University. This year was spent in placements and training.

GPT training covered the then requirements for IEE membership, the training lasted over 5 months and included subjects like machine shop and technical drawing as well as the more expected training areas such as programming and electronics. The training was complemented with 4 months of placements plus summer placements while at University. After University the graduate program provided over 5 weeks of training and team building exercises.

AKA:Ericsson, Marconi Communications, GEC Plessey Telecoms, GEC Telecoms