See what visitors are up to on your website!

Google Analytics is a free tool that provides well presented reports of visitor activity on your website. It provides a good overview as well as lets the more adventurous analyse and cross reference detailed statistics.

A tracking tool such as Google Analytics is an essential source of information so that you can track how well a website is performing, and make informed decisions on what to do next.

The following articles provide tips and guides on how to use Google Analytics

Setting up a Google Analytics account

Accounts page of Analytics

Once you have signed up for a Google Analytics account you will be able to see what those visitors are up to!

A step by step guide to setting up an account.

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How to add users to your Analytics account

Google Analytics Add User

Friends, developers, SEO companies or SEO consultants may want to see how well your website is performing. This is how you give them access to your Google Analytics account.

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How to add goals to your Analytics account

Google Analytics Add Goal

To be successful with a website, you need to define the goals you want it to achieve. Common website goals are receiving a contact email or a cart submission.

Here I show you how to setup and track goals with Google Analytics

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Tracking with multiple Google Analytics accounts

At times you need to add some Google Analytics tracking code, but the website already has some from a previous developer or webmaster.

Here I show you how to write clean code that will enable tracking of multiple Google Analytics Accounts at the same time.

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