WordPress is an ideal platform for small businesses to quickly and cheaply get a quality website up and running. It's also good at SEO out of the box and completely customisable so you can enhance it further.

Here are some articles to help you get the most out of your WordPress website. From Search Engine Optimisation tips to making sure it is as secure as possible.

WordPress SEO Checklist

This checklist goes through some of the most important things you can do to set up your website for optimal SEO performance.

Many items on the checklist should be done before you go live, and others will help you do ongoing tracking and enhancements.

Do it now before you lose out.

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WordPress Post Checklist - Top Part

I often see clients getting lazy and not doing those little extra bits to make a post stand out. This printable checklist is a constant reminder.

The items listed will help you make your pages more presentable, improve their ranking ability and help them look better in the search results.

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Essential WordPress Plugins

I have a core set of plugins that I always install on a new WordPress website. Here I explain why and how to configure them correctly.

The plugins relate to SEO, Security and other core activities that most WordPress website use.

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Moving To WordPress

This article focuses on the special things you want to check during a site migration, with a focus on the new site being powered by WordPress.

It's main focus in on creating redirects to move people and search engines to the new site. It also covers activities to check that the new site is fully working and continues to work.

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