Tony McCreath, SEO Consultant

Flexibility to suit what you need

Using a Consultation based SEO service means you can pay for just the work you need, when you need it.

Even though I offer a convenient Small Business SEO package there are many businesses that would not fit into that mould. Larger businesses may need some intense technical work performed at the start which fades out over time as the website gets closer to 100% efficiency and staff are trained. Or another business may want a very specific project performed.

Google's John Mueller on Technical SEO and Usability

For these types of project I offer my services at an hourly rate, as an SEO consultant. My speciality is in technical SEO which includes:

  • Onsite technical audits
  • Semantic markup & Rich Snippets
  • Deep Keyword analysis
  • Search result analysis
  • Backlink gathering and analysis
  • Analytics setup and analysis
  • AdWords account setup & management
  • Google Merchant Centre and Product/Shopping Ads
  • Custom tool development
  • Monthly Reports

SEO Consultation work is charged at an hourly rate of $115/hour (Australian Dollars), with a minimum of 5 hours work.

Why not pay for a 5 hour package and have me available on demand.

Contact me to get more information or request some work.

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Are you an agency or website developer?

My consultation service is what generally best suits agency work as your needs tend to fluctuate. Maybe a deep SEO audit of your CMS system can help you automatically provide your customers with an improved service. Or educating staff on best practices so you can offer new services such as local SEO and content optimisation.

Unfortunately I don't white label my services nor provide discount prices.