The Tests

First we need a control link using no tricks. Then I think a new test of a nofollow link to see if it gets crawled and/or shown in the Google Search Console.

Now to JavaScript. How about a changing link that is different before and after JavaScript. Or a simple onclick redirect link, a function onclick redirect link and a dynamic onclick redirect.

Lets play with a combination. A nofollow by JavaScript link.

Maybe more to come.

followSimple linkFound
nofollowLink with a nofollowNot Found
nofollowjsLink with a nofollow added by JavaScript (Exists on render)Found
beforejsLink existed before changed by JavaScript (Exists on prerender)Found
afterjsLink added by JavaScript (Exists on render)Found
simpleOnclickRedirectSpan with an onclick using window.locationFound
functionOnclickRedirectSpan with an onclick calling a function that uses window.locationFound
dynamicOnclickRedirectSpan with an onclick added via jQuery calling a function that uses window.locationFound

Initially the JavaScript based links were not found. The experiment started before Google move to the latest Chrome. Google has also crawled the AMP versions even though these URLs are canonicalised out.