Praise can go a long way

Receiving a testimonial is a great feeling. It not only reassures you that you are doing the right thing, but it is also a way to show to potential clients that you are good at what you do.

This page not only lists some of the testimonials that I and Web Site Advantage have received for my SEO services, but it's also here to encourage you to get and use testimonials to promote your own business.

in their words...

Get in on the action

Reviews, Ratings and Testimonials are great ways to show potential customers about your track record and performance.

Encourage your clients to write a testimonial about you. For a local business good place to send them is your Google My Business page where people can rate and review your services. If you're not location specific then services like TrustPilot are a good place to send them. You can then re-quote them on your website or other media channels such as brochures and business cards. Just like I have done above.

If they are having trouble writing a review then here are some guidelines you can give them:

  1. Explain the problem you had
  2. Explain how we solved your problem
  3. Explain who you would recommend us to

If you have worked with me and liked my services, why don't you write a review for me on TrustPilot.

(Only ever use real testimonials and ask for permission before publishing them.)