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Changing how a website is designed can optimise its performance with search engines. This form of website Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is called On Site Optimisation.

Creating an SEO based web design can massively increase the potential for a website to receive organic search based traffic.

These articles are related to website development practices which will get you the most from the search engines.

Search Engines scan your website pages to find out what you are talking about. If the words on your page match the words someone types in a search engine, then you have a chance of showing up in their search results. These results are called organic results.

You can increase your websites traffic by optimising it so that it clearly provides the search engines with the information they need.

Titles showing up in search results

The title is probably the most important text on every page of your website. It's the text shown in search results; it is your chance to stand out and attract visitors.

Find out how to edit and create good titles for your website pages.

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Descriptions showing up in search results

Every page on your website can have a short textual description associated with it. This description is sometimes used by search engines or other websites to summaries what your websites page is about.

Find out how to edit and create good descriptions for your website pages.

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Google Search Console (Google Webmaster Tools)

An invaluable resource from Google, that indicates how well your website is performing.

More importantly, it will tell you if Google has issues with your website!

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There are several cases where a web page or even whole website is moved to a new location. Find out how to tell visitors and search engines of that move via 301 Permanent Redirects.

Covers multiple Servers and Languages.

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Copywriting is an important part of making a business website successful. This book helps beginners and professionals improve their copywriting skills in a way that is designed to convert visitors into customers.

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