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Our SEO Rich Snippet App will resolve all your Structured Data & Rich Snippet issues for you.

There's quite a few ways to do this but only a few are truly accurate. Firstly, do a Google search for your product, you should be able to see them! More comprehensive ways of analysing your site's Structured Data and Rich Snippets are:

Google Rich Results Test

This is our preferred method of testing as it accurate, fast and doesn't require any permissions to use. This Google testing tool allows you to test any URL to discover what Structured Data exists and in the case of breadcrumbs and products, a preview of the rich results. Note only a subset of possible rich result types are supported. These include Job posting, Recipe, Course, TV and Movie, Event, Q&A Page and most importantly for Ecommerce - Breadcrumbs & Product.

New Google Search Console URL Inspection Tool

This provides a way to directly examine a single page on the site. You also have the option to do live tests to see how your latest edits are doing.

New Google Search Console Rich Results Status Report -> Enhancements->Products

This new report details warnings and errors for your products. Usually you will have some warnings that can largely be ignored as they are not applicable to your situation. Errors (and some warnings) should be addressed though as they may result in the loss of Rich Snippets/Results. At the moment only a few Structured Data types are supported in this report.

New Google Search Console Performance Report (Search Appearance->Rich Results)

By Filtering on a Search Appearance of "Rich results", you'll see metrics of Google displaying rich snippets. Note this doesn't tell you what rich snippets have appeared but that at least one of them has (this includes breadcrumbs). To list the pages that have had them display, click on the Pages tab of the Performance report.

Google Structured Data Testing Tool

Until recently, this was our preferred way of analysing Structured Data but has been usurped by the new tools Google has provided as they are closer to real-world outcomes. It can still be useful for looking at structured data not recognised/standard to the Google tools but remember to use rendered HTML in the code snippet area and not just paste in the URL - otherwise the result may not be that accurate due to post-load JavaScript

ToolDoes Not Requires Access PermissionsRenders JavaScriptShows Snippet PreviewShows Indexed VersionShows All Structured Data1Manual Testing2
Rich Results Test
URL Inspection Tool3
Structured Data Testing Tool4

#1 - Some tools only show and support a subset of structured data types.

#2 - The ability to edit the source HTML in the tool and then re-test.

#3 - The Live Test provides a preview.

#4 - It does have a hack to support some dynamically generated SD. You can manually input rendered html.