SEO Website Development

SEO Advice for your Website Design

Website development relates to the technical skills used to take a design and turn it into a functioning website. It covers a range of skill sets and a large amount of knowledge.

Here are some tips & guides on some common aspects related to the development of a websites design so that it is Search Engine Optimised.

Attract visitors through Page Titles

Titles showing up in search results

The title is probably the most important text on every page of your website. It's the text shown in search results; it is your chance to stand out and attract visitors.

Find out how to edit and create good titles for your website pages.

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How to add a Page Description

Descriptions showing up in search results

Every page on your website can have a short textual description associated with it. This description is sometimes used by search engines or other websites to summaries what your websites page is about.

Find out how to edit and create good descriptions for your website pages.

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HTTP Header Checker Tool

Ensuring your website responds to requests correctly can be very important. Especially with SEO and the way you redirect requests to a new page.

This HTTP Header Checker tool checks the responses you are sending so you can make sure your doing the right thing.

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Missing Web Page Analyser - 404 Checker

404 Error

It often happens. Someone gets a URL wrong or a file is removed and it ends up people are sent to pages that don't exist.

This tool checks if your website is doing the right thing by returning a 404 Missing Page status code when this happens.

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CSS Compressor Tool for a faster website - FREE!

CSS Style Text getting more compact to the right

Speed is now a ranking factor with Google, so you want your website to load as fast as possible.

This tool compresses your CSS files so they take less time to load.

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Adding Google Custom Search into your website

A website is far easier to use if it has a search option. Google's Embedded Custom Search can make this easy to add.

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How to add a map to your website

Google Maps are a great way to show your potential customers where you are located. Learn how to create an effective map and embed it into your website.
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How to Choose the Best Domain Name

Your domain name is one of the first decisions you make when creating a website. And a hard one to change if you get it wrong! Here are some tips to help you make the right choice.

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How to quickly SEO Joomla


Joomla has some built in SEO settings and options to become Search Engine Friendly. Here are some tips to quickly optimise your Joomla website.

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Internal Page Links (Anchors)

An Html editor showing an anchor link

At times you want to direct your visitor to a specific location on a page. Common examples are on FAQ pages that link the question with the answer, or links back to the "top" of a page.

This sort of link is called an anchor link and here I explain how to create them.

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Local SEO & Website Marketing

Advice and instructions on how to market a localised business on the internet. Includes a tool to find your businesses location and create a local map for your website.
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