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Stone Temple Consulting has been acquired by Perficient - Search Engine Land

Source searchengineland.com via  Mark Traphagen (marktraphagen)

Stone Temple Consulting, the Boston-based SEM firm managed by Eric Enge, has agreed to be acquired by St. Louis-based Perficient. Perficient is a digital consulting firm with revenues of upwards of …

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My Health Record: the case for opting out

Source theconversation.com via  David Iwanow (davidiwanow)

The My Health Record (MHR) opt-out period begins today and you have until October 15 to decide whether or not to be part of the scheme. You can read the case for opting in to My Health Record here. U…

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Neue Google for Jobs Indexing API für gewiefte HR Marketer

Source blog.online-recruiting.net via  Marcus Tandler ✰ (mediadonis)

Google for Jobs ist seit mehr als einem Jahr, als Google CEO Sundar Pichai im Mai 2017 dieses neue Search Feature präsentierte, in aller Munde. Es wird und wurde darüber viel in der HR Tech Branche b…

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SEO para Progressive Web APPs (PWA) y JavaScript

Source www.analistaseo.es via  Christian Oliveira (christian_wilde)

Este artículo es un resumen que hemos hecho Christian Oliveira y yo de la charla que dimos en el Congreso Web (consigue aquí las diapositivas), donde pretendemos explicar esta tecnología (PWA) y cómo…

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'Westworld: The Maze': An all-audio feat of conversational AI

Source adage.com via  David Iwanow (davidiwanow)

Working on a condensed, 15-week timeline, 360i and HBO created "Westworld: The Maze," an Amazon Alexa voice skill that lets players control the actions of a "host," an artificial humanoid in the show…

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Twitter testing Promoted Trend Spotlight ads that give brands space atop the Explore tab - Marketing Land

Source marketingland.com via  Lane R. Ellis (lanerellis)

Twitter is carving out new ad space for brands, now testing new Promoted Trend Spotlight ads that give advertisers real estate at atop the Explore tab. The new ad unit includes a visual banner with e…

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Experienced SEO Account Manager Required! - Boom Online Marketing

Source www.boom-online.co.uk via  Julie Joyce (JulieJoyce)

Are you frustrated by your current SEO Account Manager role? Keen to mix your technical and creative skills on bigger and better projects? Do you have a desire for good customer service and the abili…

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How to Find Your Audience on Social Media - PeakActivity

Source peakactivity.com via  SearchEngineJournal® (sejournal)

So many businesses are on every social channel without understanding if their core audience is there. I see it all the time. There are a ton of social platforms. They range from “everybody’s-on-it” t…

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How to Build a Content Marketing Strategy That Works in 5 Steps - Search Engine Journal

Source www.searchenginejournal.com via  SearchEngineJournal® (sejournal)

Building a content marketing strategy will help ensure that all your time, energy, and money are focused on reaching a particular goal that helps your business grow. Concentrating on this goal will p…

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Get More Subscribers by Provoking People to Ask This Question - Copyblogger

Source www.copyblogger.com via  Brian Clark (brianclark)

Immediately after getting an idea for a content project, many content creators become preoccupied by the existing competition: “It will be extremely difficult to stand out.” “It will be extremely dif…

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Amp Up Your Marketing with this Summer Reading List - Christina Giordano Consulting

Source christinagiordano.com via  Lane R. Ellis (lanerellis)

Below is a list of 20 books related to marketing your businesses. Many of these books are referenced in my Empowered Marketing Program, and others I often recommend to my clients to help them write b…

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The Sunday Talk - Be The Best You Can Be - Omi Sido

Source omisido.com via  Omi Sido (OmiSido)

This week’s got a very interesting start. Natasha Woodford from ClockworkTalent invited me to The Tower Of London and see the famous Ceremony of the Keys. The Beefeaters – I am not entirely sure why …

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Relationship Powered Link Building #Pubcon Florida

Source www.toprankblog.com via  Lane R. Ellis (lanerellis)

Keywords, content and links. This is the currency of the Search Engine Optimization world and the rules for spending that currency seem to be in a constant state of flux. At TopRank Marketing, we tak…

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Digital Marketing News: Google's New Ad Tools, Facebook's Snoozefest, and LinkedIn's QR Code Refresh

Source www.toprankblog.com via  Lane R. Ellis (lanerellis)

Google leans more on algorithms for ads as critics highlight risks Google has unveiled a slew of new ad-buying tools that incorporate machine learning, and expanded availability of a utility for runn…

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Goodbye Facebook Pages, Hello Reddit!

Source www.searchenginejournal.com via  SearchEngineJournal® (sejournal)

Facebook Page views are drying up and a recently announced Facebook News Feed algorithm change all but guarantees this traffic channel will evaporate for brand accounts. But as one door closes, anoth…

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Looking at TDD: An Academic Survey

Source www.tedmyoung.com via  Liza Shulyayeva (Lazer)

In which I discuss TDD in the context of opinion and academic papers. I've been reading lots and lots (no really, hundreds -- you should see my Zotero) of academic papers over the past year or so. Mo…

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Transferwise Borderless Account Review 2018. How Amazon Pays Me Now.

Source www.ottimoseo.com via  Fabrizio Ballarini (Pechnet)

Here is a quick summary for you in case you are in a hurry and quickly want to see if Transferwise is for you or not. Yes, I absolutely do. It has helped me avoid what would have been very expensive …

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How to Develop a Schema Markup Strategy for a Website - Schema App Tools

Source www.schemaapp.com via  David Iwanow (davidiwanow)

When you decide to do Schema markup on a website, you have to figure out what pages you want to optimize and what part of the schema.org vocabulary you should use to get the best organic search resul…

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London women feel sexualised and ignored by brands, so TfL is offering free ads to drive change

Source www.thedrum.com via  Alison Parcell (AlisonParcell)

Women in London feel ignored, sexualised and under-represented by advertisers, so City Hall and Transport for London (TfL) have launched a competition inviting brands to create ads that reflect the c…

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Google My Business Insights Search Queries Report Coming Still

Source www.seroundtable.com via  Barry Schwartz (rustybrick)

11 days ago, we reported about the search queries report in Google My Business insights section that some were seeing. The funny thing, Google officially announced it on Friday on Twitter and on Goog…

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Your Editorial Calendar is Not Your Content Marketing Strategy

Source contentmarketinginstitute.com via  SEMrush (semrush)

Editor’s note: You may have missed this article when CMI published it last year. We’re sharing it now because the misperceptions about editorial calendars and content marketing strategies are still c…

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5 Ways to Move Your SEO Programs to Target the Top of the Buying Funnel

Source www.searchenginejournal.com

For years, SEO professionals have been tackling the bottom of the sales funnel. We’ll give lip service to branding and content marketing targeted at consumers higher in the funnel – those just starti…

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Report: Google's mobile search results now show image thumbnails 45% of the time - Search Engine Land

Source searchengineland.com via  Asad Zulfahri (asadzulfahri)

Mordy Oberstein from RankRanger has reported that the Google mobile search results interface has seen a dramatic increase in the number of image thumbnails displayed in the mobile search results. In …

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How to reach consumers while protecting their privacy - Search Engine Land

Source www.marketingland.com via  Search Engine Land (sengineland)

The debate surrounding probabilistic versus deterministic cross-device tracking is nothing new. But with the rapidly evolving online landscape and technological capabilities, and with customers incre…

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