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Internet Marketing Services offered by Web Site Advantage

I run an SEO web company that offer professional services related to Search Engine Optimisation, Website Promotion & Internet Marketing. Each service is designed to help your business perform better on the internet.

The services are listed in the general order that they should be performed. Starting with analysis of the market (keyword optimisation) and website design, then continuous promotion and progress tracking.

Australian Web Industry Association Membership

For those who want to go that extra step, I also setup online advertising campaigns with Google. That is, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising that appears in Google search results.

Do you want an SEO Consultant? As an SEO Expert I can provide specialist SEO advice, specific to your business needs and issues.

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Technical SEO Consultation Service

Using a Consultation based SEO service mean you can pay for just the work you need, when you need it.

For businesses needing these types of project I offer my services at an hourly rate, as a consultant. My speciality is in technical SEO.

Why not pay for a 5 hour package and have me available on demand.

Price: $115/hour (Australian Dollars)

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The Business SEO Support Package

Package of SEO services

I've decided to make it easier and cheaper for you to get your website traffic up and increase the number of your leads and sales.

I have created a package of SEO services that bundle together all you need to get your small business firmly on the internet.

The package includes personal support, website and keyword analysis reports, continuous promotion activities and monthly progress reports.

Price: $900 (Australian Dollars)

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Website Marketing Questionnaire

A few questions from the website marketing questionnaire

A FREE questionnaire designed to help your business understand your website needs, with regard to services and online marketing.

I recommend that all potential clients read and answer the questionnaire before proceeding with any work.

Price: FREE

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Keyword Analysis Report

Keywords in keyword analysis

When promoting a website, knowing what customers are searching for is an invaluable asset. In the search engine world words are king, and markets are defined by the words people search for.

Priced From: $800 (Australian Dollars)

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Website SEO Analysis Report

Part of the analysis is to examine the html that makes a website.

There are many factors that search engines take into account when deciding what websites to show in their search results. Some are based on the design of the website and others are related to how popular it is.

The report outlines improvements that should be made to your website and in the way you promote it, so that it attracts more visitors from search engines and other websites.

Priced From: $550 (Australian Dollars)

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Website Progress Reports

Graphs showing the progress of a website

Tracking progress is important if you continually want to improve the performance of your website.

Each month I will provide information on how your website is performing across different metrics along with recommendations on activities that should be performed to improve your website.

Priced From: $250/month (Australian Dollars)

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Google AdWords Campaign Setup

Google AdWords Account Setup

Google AdWords is an online advertising system where your adverts appear around the search results that Google provides to people.

I can set up AdWords advertising campaigns for you with adverts targeted at your particular businesses market.

Priced From: $500 (Australian Dollars)

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Google AdWords Campaign Management

Google AdWords Account Management

Google AdWords is an online advertising system based on the Pay Per Click (PPC) payment model. It is one of the major ways to do Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

This service includes the monitoring of your AdWords Campaigns in order to keep them on budget and to perform any minor alterations required to keep them performing well.

Priced From: $350/month (Australian Dollars)

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The Bigcommerce SEO Tune-up Service

Bigcommerce SEO Service

I've put together a Bigcommerce Package that covers many of the things from my Bigcommerce SEO Checklist and the other articles in this section. If the articles here become overwhelming, it may be your solution.

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