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In my work as an SEO & Online Marketer I have developed several Windows based tools to help me do deeper analysis of the data available.

I am in the process of providing a public version of these tools under one application called SWAT.

This is an early beta version and so may have some issues. To help me make it the best it can be, please send me feedback on any issues and ideas you have. Thanks.


To install the application download and run this Windows Installation File .

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Computers are getting more secure and less trustworthy of files from the internet, so you will probably have to confirm you trust the installation a few times.

Your browser may display a warning that the file could be dangerous or it is blocking you from downloading it. Select the option to let you go ahead and download.

Once the download is complete you can click on it to start the installation process.

Again you may be show warnings because it is an un-trusted file from the internet. To install you will have to select the options to let it go ahead. On Windows 8 you need to click on the "More Info" link to see the options to run it.

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The Tools

Here are the tools it currently includes.

Get the full picture by combining data from the major backlink data provides then enhance it with deeper link analysis with this powerful Tool

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This Tool No Longer Works Since Google Has Shut Down Its Old API

A windows application to bulk download your GWT data from all your sites. Select a date range and the data you want.

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