By this stage you must have done some research into how to get your website ranking. You've found out it's the job of an SEO, and you want to hire a local one in Adelaide. Logically you enter SEO Adelaide into Google and start checking out all the results. That's why you are here!

You have probably checked out a few websites already. So why do you keep seeing headings and content with SEO Adelaide all over them? That's not a proper sentence! This is because an SEO knows that Google will think their page with SEO Adelaide all over it will match exactly with what you typed in the search box. Thus increasing their chance to get to the top and for you to pick them.

Any SEO that has done a little research will know that lots of people like you will search for SEO Adelaide when looking for the SEO service you want. Every SEO and his dog are targeting you, and unfortunately not all are nice people!

Here are a few tips to hopefully help you work out which SEO business is the one for you.

Make sure they exist!

Actually, most probably exist, but do they exist in Adelaide? Some SEO companies you stumble upon may be from another part of Australia, or not even be Australian!

Check out their website to look for evidence that they are really from Adelaide.

  • Do they publish a real address (not P.O. Box)
  • Do they have a local number starting in 08
  • Can you verify their business name
  • Do they publish their ABN (You can verify it here)
  • Do they show any specific knowledge about Adelaide

One real test is to ask them for a face-to-face meeting. Those faking it will start making excuses, quick time.

I have also put together a list of legitimate Adelaide SEO Firms to help you sort it all out.

Do you know what you need?

This is where I'd like you to take a step back and work out what you really need. If your looking for an SEO your current goal is probably to rank #1 in Google. That is a bad goal to have.

Imagine me saying "No, that's not your real goal, tell me what your real goal is" about 20 times as you try and answer the question. Forget about all the SEO things you've read, and having a website, and social media. Think about the root objective you have.

At a guess, it's probably to make money, and to do that you need to find more leads to get that money out of.

Once you have determined this root need, see if the SEO your scrutinising is talking about solving it. Not talking about #1 positions, guarantees, links and all the fluff SEOs talk about, but what you really need.

You will probably find the firm that does address what will truly help you is not just an SEO. Or maybe SEO is just a part of their services. They should be talking about discovering where your customers are, what they are looking for, how you can get in front of them, and how you can encourage them to deal with you over your competitors. They should talk about usability, calls to action, conversion optimisation and post sales retention. They are online marketers.

What to avoid

Lot's of SEOs are about choosing 10 keywords, link building, article writing, comment posting and bookmarking. All to get your PageRank up and better rankings on Google.

These tactics have worked in the past, and still work. In fact, none of them are bad. They become bad when SEOs do it to game the search engines.

Google is in a constant battle with these spammy SEOs posting very low quality content all over the web, just to get a little ranking boost.

You can hire someone offering these services, and they can be cheap. Just remember that they are not doing work which will help the reputation of your business. They are posting low quality rubbish content about you all over the place. If/when stuff starts hitting fans you will be the one who has to pay someone else to clean it all up.

These guys aren't interested in what will help your business. They are out for the quick buck and will disappear when you get into trouble.

Good SEOs will talk about the above tactics, and it will be a part of their services. But they will be careful that what is done will enhance your businesses reputation, not destroy it.

So when you hear an SEO talking about this stuff, pry them for more details. If they talk about quantities then run away. It has to be quality, and that takes time and money.

Let's wrap it up

There are some great SEOs and online marketers in Adelaide. Many show up in those results for SEO Adelaide. Call them, meet with them and see if they can help you further your business.

If you want to ask more questions about SEO and online marketing then why not ask them in an online community I have created just for that. I and several other people in the online industry will be happy to answer any of your concerns.