Put yourself on the map

One way to provides visitors with a better experience is by providing them with a street map to help them find your business. This tool enables you to quickly add a map into your website, thus showing your customers where your business is located.

Before we start

This map making tool was originally made in 2009 and it still works!

Over the time Google has provided more tools at our disposal to create and use maps. Now, I would recommend people create their own maps with Google and embed those maps into their website. It's a bit more work than this tool, but you can create fancier maps, and they may also contribute towards promoting your website.

Check out my article called How to add a map to your website for more details.

The Map Maker Tool

More tips and advice related to locating a business can be found in my Local Website Marketing article.

ony's Google Maps Location Finder
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How to use the Location Map Maker tool

  1. Enter an address then click "Go"
  2. Move the marker to the exact map location
  3. Copy the Html from the tool and put it in your website.
  4. Sign up for a Google Maps API key
  5. Update the html by replacing YOUR_KEY_HERE with your own key

Working with website developers

Using Google maps is one of the best options around. To add a Google Map to a website one needs to find the GEO location (latitude and longitude) of the business address or sales locations.

This is not easy to communicate between web developer and website owner, so this tool also provides the GEO location information (Lat, Lng).

Advanced website developers can add working versions of Google maps to a website and include lots of dynamic content such as markers with balloons and image overlays.

Website developers - Let your customers use the Location Map Maker

If you wish to use this Google map address and GEO finding tool on your own website you can. This download contains all you need. I only request that you reference back to this page, which the supplied download does by default.