Who owns your search results?

Google's search results have become a lot more complex. It's no longer a case of tracking how well your doing based on your organic position from 1 to 10. Now the results also contain ads, news, brand, stores, places, maps, product, videos and images. Each of these components steal space from the organic results and give websites alternate ways to become listed.

This tool will process the components in a particular search result and score the listed websites based on their chance on being clicked. The results let you judge how well websites are doing in a more realistic way.

How do I parse my search results?

Perform a search in Google and copy the source code from the search result page into the text box below. Then click Parse to see not only how each website performs but also a detailed list of the components on the page.

Note: If you are using Google Instant then Google does not update the code when a search is made directly from the Google search page. To get around this either switch off instant or make your searches from the toolbar.

Google SERP Parser

Google Search Result Source Code
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