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From your Google Search Consoles Query Data

Google Webmaster Tools (now Google Search Console) enhanced the accuracy of its Search Query data at the start of 2014. iPullRank wrote an article about how this new data could be used to roll your own Click Through Rate (CTR) v Position charts. This can be used to find out how CTR changes based on search result positions in your own market. I liked the idea, so I've written this tool to make it simple for you to generate your own CTR study chart.

Input your Data

Search Queries File (Required)

In the Search Queries section of the Google Search Console export via the "Download this Table" button. Then select it using this "Choose File" button. Select a larger data range to get a larger data set. Or add filters to analyse subsets. See right, where step 3 is not required.

CTR v Average Search Position Chart

Results are compared with the CTR studies from Catalyst. The example chart is using my own websites data.

Average Search Position Data Table

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