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DMOZ or the "Open Directory Project" is one of the largest and most respected human edited website directories. It is used to power Google's own directory! This makes it an important directory to try and get your website listed in, however it can be very hard and time consuming to do so.

To submit a website, use their suggest URL page. Follow the instructions carefully as it is easy to get rejected. Once you have submitted your website, don't keep doing it as each new submission pushes you to the back of the queue, and increases the delay. Most submissions take months before they are reviewed and show up!

As it can take a long time to get accepted by DMOZ I wrote this tool to saves you time by making it easy to check if you have been added yet.

It searches DMOZ to see if your domain is present then extracts which categories it was found under.

The DMOZ Submission Checker

Just enter your URL in the field and click check...

Website URL
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