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A Comprehensive SEO Setup Service

I've put together a BigCommerce Package that covers many of the things from my BigCommerce SEO Checklist. I call it The BigCommerce SEO Tune-up Service.

This package is a bit like a car service and tune-up. I will go through your Google Analytics, Google Search Console (Webmaster Tools) and the BigCommerce administration settings making sure things are fully set up correctly with regard to SEO. Things like the tracking of conversions, semantic markup and webmaster configurations. All the core tasks found in the checklist plus my eye cast over all your settings.

BigCommerce SEO

I have to be honest, in itself it will not directly boost your ranking. Content and inbound links are what will mainly do that. However, like having a car tuned up for a race, it does not mean you will win, but it will help. It will make sure that your content is presented to the search engines and users in an optimal way, enabling you as the driver to gain the most from what you create.

As I review your settings I'll look for anything that can be done to boost your ranking, or for things that are hindering them. I can provide advice about things like title tags, but not do it for you. That sort of work is very time consuming, making it beyond a package like this. I also think the subject expert (you) should be the one working on the content.

I am currently offering this service for AU$1,100 + GST. (Approximately US$840.88 or 782,36 €)

Contact Me to find out my current availability
Customer Testimonial

I have read your report and I am absolutely ecstatic, thank you!!! I am highly impressed by the amount of work that you have done. The list of items that you have covered is amazing and there is not one single thing that I would have been able to do on my own. There is so much information, it is great.

I enjoy the fact that you are giving me plenty of recommendations, and I will follow them all. I will give you more feedback as I go through the list and implement your recommendations.

Your explanations are very clear and detailed, and when I do not understand a word or concept, I google it... I am learning the technical lingo as I read ;-)

Another plus with your report is that as I implement your recommendations, beside the fact that my website is revitalised I feel empowered and more in control of it. Great feeling, I love it!

Marie-Helene Blackmore
Savons d'ailleurs

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What's Included

The following items are included in the service. For items that have already been setup I will review them.

Enhanced Search Results - Rich Snippets

  • Adding Markup for Breadcrumb Rich Snippets
  • Adding Markup for Product Rich Snippets
  • Adding Markup for Review Rich Snippets
  • Adding Markup for the Google Sitelinks Search Box
  • Monitoring for Success

Controlling Google

  • Registering all domain variations with Google Search Console
  • Indicating preferred domain with the Google Search Console
  • Linking Google Search Console with Google Analytics
  • Setting your Target Region in Google Search Console (If applicable)
  • Registering the XML Sitemap with Google Search Console
  • Controlling Google bot via the Google Search Console URL Parameter Tool
  • Reviewing Google Search Console settings and reports
  • Updating your robots.txt file to control Google bot

Gathering Information

  • Google Analytics Account Creation
  • Adding Google Analytics Tracking Code
  • Adding Google Analytics eCommerce Sales Tracking
  • Adding Google Analytics Demographic Tracking (requires a compliant Privacy Policy)
  • Adding Google Analytics Remarketing (requires a compliant Privacy Policy)
  • Enabling Google Analytics Enhanced Link Attribution
  • Adding Google Analytics Events (e.g. phone number or email link clicks)
  • Adding Google Analytics Document download tracking as a page view
  • Adding Google Analytics Goals (Contact, Subscription, Sales and the above events)
  • Adding Google Analytics Checkout Goal Funnel
  • Setting Google Analytics Site Search to track internal Searches
  • Google Analytics PayPal Referral fix so your real sources get credit
  • Reviewing all Google Analytics settings
  • Monitoring for Issues


  • Checking correct heading structure
  • Checking good use of title tags
  • Checking good use of meta description tags
  • Checking that content is original
  • Providing tips and advice on areas needing improvement

Quality Control

  • Backups of the template files are made before and after our work
  • Added features are tested and reported
  • Changes are monitored over several weeks
  • If review stars don't show, we will keep helping until they do

Some activities like the Markup for Rich Snippets take time to appear and are not guaranteed. Google has the final call and does not enable rich snippets for all website, even if the markup is correct. We currently have a 100% success rate in getting them approved.

Because of this and the extent of the changes performed, we monitor the website for several weeks after the work to check progress and for any issues.

BigCommerce Rich Snippets

What will it do for you

Here are some of the benefits from these actions:

  • Analytics data to show how you are achieving your Goals
  • Improved control over how Google crawls the Website and discovers important pages
  • Enhanced Search Engine Result Listings with Rich Snippets (See Right)
  • Identifying issues Google has with the website

What's not included

Long term SEO Services cover a lot more than this one off package. And they probably cost more than this package for the first month! Things like title tag, meta description and content optimisations, broken link fixing, link building, data analysis, keyword research etc. are all way beyond what this can offer.

If you use external systems I will most likely not be able to optimise them. e.g. an external review management system.

If your website contains modifications to the standard BigCommerce template structure it may make my modifications overly complex or not possible.


Rating 5.0 out of 1 review

Simple and Easy Solutions

I requested help from Tony to get my Rich Snippets properly working on one of my BigCommerce sites. Tony was able to easily get this integrated on our site and pass over a very detailed report on his updates. Since then I used Tony for two more BigCommerce Websites and also for an SEO Tuneup as well. Not only does Tony know SEO very well he also knows BigCommerce platform which was a huge benefit for us. I am really pleased working with such a professional.

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