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BigCommerce is a great eCommerce platform that can help businesses get online quickly and effectively. However it is not perfect when it comes to taking advantage of the latest techniques in eCommerce Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) to get the most out of the web.

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Here are some articles and guides to help you push your BigCommerce website that little bit further.

We also offer several BigCommerce SEO Products which cover many of the activities in the articles below.

BigCommerce Insider

BigCommerce SEO Melbourne Meetup

On the 4th August 2020 I was a speaker in an online Melbourne SEO Meetup where I talked about BigCommerce and SEO. (Slides, Video Recording)

BigCommerce SEO Hangout

A long time ago, on the 2nd April 2015 I took part in a BigCommerce Hangout specifically about BigCommerce and SEO.

BigCommerce SEO Services

Quick Audit, Rich Snippets, Indexing, Analytics, HTTPS Conversion, AdWords.

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Review Star Rich Snippets

Every e-commerce business wants to stand out from the crowd, and rich snippets help achieve that goal by drawing attention to your website's entry on Search Engine's Result Pages (SERP).

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It's good to make sure the main SEO features are put in place from the start. This is what I do when taking on a new BigCommerce website.

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BigCommerce and Google Analytics

BigCommerce has built in support for Google Analytics which includes tracking sales. However you need the right tracking code for it to work.

Here I provide the code required and some instructions on how to set it up.

It includes instructions for the gtag tracking code introduced in 2017 as well as the older ga code.

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BigCommerce Breadcrumbs

Google sometimes shows extra links in its search results that indicate hierarchically related pages on a website. These are called breadcrumbs.

This article shows you how you can enhance your BigCommerce templates so that they tell Google about your breadcrumbs and thus increases your chance of getting those extra links in the search results.

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BigCommerce Analytics Goal Funnel

Google Analytics lets you track Goals and also define Funnels to track progress to those goals.

Analysing visitors progress through your checkout system can give you great insights into potential issues it has that cause people not to buy from you.

Learn how to track peoples progress in your BigCommerce Checkout System.

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BigCommerce Packages

On the 23rd Oct 2017 BigCommerce changed how the Optimized One-Page Checkout works. This may have broken your Google Analytics Order Goal or other systems that track orders.

Find out if it affected you, and how to fix it.

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BigCommerce and AdWords

Knowing how much revenue is generated by the parts of your AdWords campaigns can help you optimise those campaigns towards the ads and keywords that make you money.

If you have a BigCommerce shopping website and also advertise via AdWords then this article will show you how to track the AdWords generated sales and analyse your AdWords success based on revenue and not just guess work.

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BigCommerce Rich Snippet Product Reviews

Google sometimes shows product information and reviews in its search results. e.g. Prices and Star ratings.

It can be a great way to make your listing in the search results stand out.

Here's how to set it up in BigCommerce.

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Google Search Console Produce Enhancement Report Issues

The New Products Enhancements Report in the Google Search Console has got a lot of folk worried about whether their structured data is in good shape. Here we list the common warnings and errors displayed in this new report, what they mean and how to deal with them in your structured data.

For our BigCommerce customers, we have also explained how our upcoming Rich Results App handles the issue.

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BigCommerce Dynamic Remarketing

Have your products advertised on the Google display network to the people who showed interest in them.

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