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Sick of SEO charlatans? Would you like some very experienced BigCommerce SEO experts to spend some time poring through your site and tell you what to do next to increase organic traffic & sales? The BigCommerce SEO Quick Win Service does just that!

We utilize data from:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console
  • Your BigCommerce Data via the API
  • Independent crawlers (SEMRush, Screaming Frog, and our own)

BigCommerce SEO
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Through extensive research and development, we are able to stitch & review this data together to make informed decisions about the next actions you need to undertake to increase traffic and sales. Every BigCommerce site is different, with different markets, problems, and history. Our vast BigCommerce experience (we've worked on 300+ sites) and specialist software designed specifically for BigCommerce, allows us to hone in on the issues and opportunities that exist for BigCommerce sites and offer you some top BigCommerce SEO tips unique to your store. Here's some examples of what we look at:

  • Mobile First Indexing - Google has converted many of our customers stores to Mobile-First Indexing in 2018, sometimes with disastrous results. We analyse the impacts of such a shift, something best done before it happens!
  • Speed Issues - Google waits around 5 seconds for your page to load before indexing so speed usually isn't a big concern. Whilst a page rank signal and a usability concern, there's usually more pressing actions required on a BigCommerce site
  • Site Overview - What channels your revenue comes from, how your organic traffic & revenue is performing
  • Top Landing Pages - Identify which pages create (or have potential to) your traffic & revenue (often not the product pages) - these are your optimisation priority
  • Missing Pages - Have you changed URL's, deleted pages, moved to BigCommerce recently? Our custom software can identify pages that have stopped earning you money & how to recover that revenue stream
  • Branded/Non Branded Search - When people search for you or your products, are you standing out in the crowd? - We cast our expert eyes over how your search results & homepage looks to both Google & a customer's perspective
  • Low Backlink Pages/ Low Internally Linked Pages - Do you have important pages that are not being linked enough, signalling to Google that they're not a high priority?
  • Inventory Settings - Many of our customers use inventory settings that cause poor product page performance, we identify and advise on any issues in this area
  • Site Design - Is Google "seeing" the content on your site correctly? We take into account many factors (mobile-first indexing, content positioning, image text etc..)
  • Thin Pages - Have you recently shifted content around? We can spot trends in your page data to identify any issues associated with such moves
  • Mixed Content - A common issue when moving to HTTPS which causes redirects, impacting your crawl budget & site speed
  • Search Analysis - We analyse and identify any issues or opportunities coming from your Google Search Console, Internal Site Search data and Google Trends
  • Site Content (Descriptions, Title/Meta Descriptions, Brand & Category Content) - We provide advice, examples of improvements and a prioritised report on issues with your key pages
  • Content Research - We recommend some free & easy tools to assist with doing your own keyword, customer and trend analysis to hel you focus your content in the right direction
  • Redirects (Multi-hop, Homepage, Variant, External, Invalid) - Most of our customers have issues with their redirects, sometimes causing the loss of large revenue streams. We analyse these and report on what actions are required
  • Image Optimisations (Image Click Traffic, Missing/Short alt attributes) - Are you optimising your image traffic? We identify key areas for improvement
  • Blog & Informational Pages - Are you wasting resources on a blog that isn't producing revenue? We analyse and identify such wasted effort and provide suggestions on evergreen content that is designed to funnel customers toward a purchase.
  • Phone & Email Advice - Do you utilise the rich customer information that comes through your client communications?
  • Observations - We usually note many other issues with a site that are not part of our regular process, these include:
    • Broken Links & Images
    • Spelling & Grammar Mistakes
    • Menu Issues
    • Empty Blog/Brand/Categories
    • JavaScript Errors
    • Checkout Issues
    • H1 Issues
    • Carousel Issues
    • Blocked, Forbidden & Unauthorised Pages
    • Favicon Issues
    • Internal HTTP Links
    • Invalid External Links
    • Orphaned Pages

Why So Cheap?

All this, for only AU$2,000 + GST which is about US$1,446 or 1 274€!

Our custom software and expertise in a single Ecommerce platform (BigCommerce) enables us to offer this at a much lower price point than a general SEO consultant. We would charge upwards of $5,000 to do the same work on a different platform. Get in quick though - due to high demand & its in-depth nature, the package has experienced pricing increases of 500% since we launched it in 2018, with waiting lists as long as 8 weeks!

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Quick Win Examples

Still not convinced? Here are just some of the many real world examples of what we have discovered (in just the last year) with our innovative approach:

  • A knitting shop owner changed platforms to BigCommerce and neglected one of their redirects, unfortunately it was her largest earning landing page. We spotted it, fixed it and traffic & sales resumed, recovering $1,000's in lost revenue
  • A health company came to us distraught that their traffic had all but dried up. We noticed it occurred at the exact same time their store switched to Mobile-First Indexing. This made us focus our attention onto their mobile site which led to the discovery that the non-responsive mobile theme (old Blueprint mobile theme) didn't include Brand and Category Descriptions, significantly reducing their content. On our advice, they promptly switched to a responsive Stencil theme and traffic & sales increased immediately
  • An industrial company rationalized their site structure and redirected a valuable landing page to their home page. We discovered that the landing page was the conduit for $20,000/year of sales via one key phrase. On our advice, they reinstated the page and the traffic and sales for that keyword have recovered.
  • A multi-regional came to us in a panic after an entire (UK) region's traffic disappeared almost overnight. We were able to track it down to a JavaScript auto-redirect that was put in place to redirect US traffic to the US regional site. Unfortunately, as Googlebot is located in the US, they were redirecting it as well, effectively de-indexing the entire UK site. Recovery was as swift as the disaster and we had very relieved clients!
  • An office supplies company who was very diligent in writing quality content for their site had a "Read More" drop down. Normally, this is not an issue as Google states that this content is still indexed. We discovered it wasn't in their case due to the (technical) method they were using. This effectively reduced their indexed content by about 80% - This issue was only recently addressed, so stay tuned! We're actively monitoring the outcome and will report back here with the (highly anticipated) results.

But we could just be making those "Quick Win" stories up, right? We're not! Check out these testimonials:


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Posted by Elizabeth on Nov 8, 2019
I desperately needed to get my site ranking again and this seemed like the most affordable option compared to other SEO sites. After looking up the reviews and following the free advice on their website, I decided to go with the audit and Quick Win SEO package. After the audit, they sent me the results and what I needed to work on to improve rankings. Since starting on what I needed to work on in September, I have doubled views on my keywords and tripled views on my images. I still have a ton of work to do but the improvement over the last two months has been a huge step in the right direction for me. As a solo entrepreneur who works full time and raising a family, i still couldn't afford this amount of money. However, Tony and Brad allowed me to make a payment plan with them that was way more generous then I could even imagine. I literally read the email 4 times to make sure I was reading it correctly. They really want to help their customers succeed in their business and financially make it possible to do so. It still brings tears to my eyes because NO other company would have done that. Thank you guys so much for helping me in my adventure. I will always be a life long customer and 100% recommend them.

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