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Wanting to improve your BigCommerce SEO and...

  • Would like to have a go at doing SEO yourselves but don't know where to start?
  • Unsure of what BigCommerce SEO Services of ours you might need?
  • Want to "dip your toe" with a low cost package to get a feel for whether we're a good fit for your BigCommerce Store?
  • All of the above

BigCommerce SEO
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This "mini-audit" package is an ideal entry point for those not familiar with our services and the excellent value they provide. We run through most of the items from our famous BigCommerce SEO Checklist and report on what issue and opportunities we see for your store.

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Our report covers the core components of getting a BigCommerce Store configured for success:

Google Analytics Checklist (Report Only, Configuration carried out in our "Analytics Package")

  • URL variants
  • Default Page configuration
  • Basic Checks
    • Timezone, Currency, Industry Category
    • Bounce Rate (can identify content/tracking issues)
    • Mobile User rate (can identify usability or mobile-first indexing issues)
  • JavaScript (and other) Errors
  • Google Analytics tracking code operation, including Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) tracking
  • Google Signals - Data Collection for
    • Cross-Device Audiences & Insights
    • Demographic & Interest Reports
    • Remarketing & Advertising Features
  • Adherent Privacy Policy
  • Enhance Link Attribution
  • Ecommerce Tracking & Enhanced Ecommerce Tracking
  • Paypal Referrals Reporting
  • Site Search Reports
  • Branded Terms & Channels
  • Event Tracking
    • JavaScript Errors
    • Email Clicks
    • Phone Clicks
    • Social Clicks
    • Download Clicks
  • Checkout Progress Tracking (Funnel Visualization)
  • Unfiltered View
  • Missing Page Report
  • Bot Filtering

Indexing & Google Search Console Checklist (Report Only, Configuration carried out in our "Indexing Package")

  • Domain Variants
  • Preferred Domain
  • International Targeting
  • XML Sitemap
  • BigCommerce-Specific URL Parameters
  • URL Structure
  • Brand & Category Paging Not Reporting Duplicates
  • Robots.txt Optimised with BigCommerce-Specific configuration
  • Google Analytics and Search Console Linked Correctly
  • No Crawl Error Issues
  • Original Content & Descriptions Configured
  • Titles & Meta Descriptions Configured
  • Image Descriptions Configured
  • Correct H1 Use

Rich Snippets & Structured Data Checklist (Report Only, Configuration carried out in our "Rich Snippets Package")

  • Review Stars & Ratings
  • Product Availability & Price
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Sitelinks Searchbox (Website Structured Data)
  • Company Knowledge Graph (Organization Structured Data)
  • No Structured Data Report Errors
  • Structured Data Conforms to Google Recommendations

All this, for only AU$150 + GST which is about US$108 or 96€!

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