We've been helping individual BigCommerce stores do better with their SEO since 2011. In 2014 I decided to take our custom solutions and develop them into a one-time package. Something we could offer to a broader audience while giving people more for their money.

Over time the package became more refined, and gained features. Another 3 years on and we have expanded it into 7 packages that each provide their own distinct solutions for BigCommerce store owners.

These packages uniquely offer the steps to getting your store highly tuned-up for SEO performance and more:

Quick SEO Audit - Find out what you're missing

Not sure if you really need our services? This package is a great way to find out. With our Quick SEO Audit, We run through most of the items from our BigCommerce SEO Checklist and provide you with an itemized report on what needs doing and a recommendation on what, if any, of our other packages you need to solve your problems.

Price: AU$150 + GST which is about US$108 or 95€

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Rich Snippets - Eye Catching Results In Google

We add Google Compliant Rich Snippet markup for:

In addition, we monitor for and advise you of its success!

Price: AU$400 + GST which is about US$288 or 254€

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Indexing - Controlling Google

Using Google Search Console we will:

Price: AU$400 + GST which is about US$288 or 254€

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Analytics - Gathering Information

Using Google Analytics we will:

Price: AU$400 + GST which is about US$288 or 254€

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Quick Win SEO - Custom Analysis and Recommendations

Only for customers who also purchase our Indexing and Analytics packages - because we can't analyse what we can't see!

  • Analyse & Identify your best chances for improved ranking & success
  • Prioritise recommendations
  • Fixing "HTML Improvements" Issues
  • If we can't find anything worthwhile, YOU DON'T PAY!

Price: AU$1,000 + GST which is about US$721 or 636€

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Site-Wide HTTPS Conversion - Stay Secure

Still using insecure HTTP? We switch you over to secure HTTPS by:

  • Configuring Google Search Console (verification, sitemap, url parameters)
  • Configuring Site-Wide HTTPS
  • Crawl your site and report on resource and link issues
  • Fix Meta Data and Structured Data reference issues
  • A tidy up of your Google Analytics property and view settings
  • Monitoring progress

Find out more about switching BigCommerce to Site-Wide HTTPS.

Price: AU$400 + GST which is about US$288 or 254€

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Google Ads Dynamic Remarketing - Highly Targeted Product Ads

Show product based ads tailored to your site visitors as they browse the internet.

  • Help in setting up and linking all the required accounts
  • Implementing the complete and correct dynamic remarketing code set
  • Setting up or auditing a standard Shopping campaign
  • Setting up or auditing a standard Dynamic Remarketing campaign
  • Monitoring progress

Price: AU$1,500 + GST which is about US$1,081 or 954€

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How Much?

Each package is a one-off charge unless otherwise stated.

BigCommerce PackageAUD*~USD~EUR
The Setup Bundle
Rich Snippets + Analytics + Indexing
Save $100
The Big Bundle
The Setup Bundle + Quick Win SEO
Save $200
$2,000$1,4421 272€
Quick Audit$150$10895€
Rich Snippets$400$288254€
Quick Win SEO$1,000$721636€
Site-wide HTTPS Service$400$288254€
Google Ads Dynamic Remarketing Setup$1,500$1,081954€

~ Approximate price based on currency conversion rates.
* 10% GST is applicable for Australian customers

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The Fine Print

Non-Standard Solutions/Features
Our solutions are based on standard BigCommerce solutions/features - We like to help out getting our solutions to work with 3rd party or custom modifications but this will be at our discretion.

Out-of-Scope Support
We genuinely get excited about customers asking us questions about our work and report content, because it means that you've read them and you want to learn! After offering more than reasonable free support or answering questions beyond the scope of our work, we will discuss moving to a paid consulting role.

Ongoing Support Work
For existing customers we offer ongoing consulting support at $AU200*/hour with a minimum charge of $100 in any given month when contact is made.

*GST - Goods & Services Tax
A further 10% GST is applicable for Australian customers only.