Gathering Information

Ensuring that Google Analytics is tracking user behavior correctly is critical to the success of running a BigCommerce site. There are many insights that can be gleaned from nowhere other than Analytics when setup correctly. Here's a few examples:

  • Landing Pages - Do you know which pages are actually making the most money? It is often not the product page as many people mistakenly think, it could be a Category, Brand, Blog or Web Page that is leading traffic to your site that results in sales further down the "Sales Funnel". Without Ecommerce tracking, you're "in the dark", relying only on traffic (not revenue) data to inform your decisions
  • Internal Site Search - This can give some great clues as to how you should change your site to better serve your customers
  • Checkout Funnel Visualization - Are you aware of where people are leaving the checkout process? - this information can allow you to plug holes in leaky checkouts
  • Missing Pages - Are people hitting your 404 page? Finding out, and fixing the cause might save you $1,000's in lost revenue
  • Corrupt Data - Some configuration (such as the default page setting & filters) can corrupt the data within Google Analytics, making it difficult or impossible to recover useful information

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Our Analytics Package covers the following:

Basic Configuration Checks

  • Property/View URLs - Are they correct & consistent for accurate reporting
  • Default Page - Can cause data corruption if incorrect
  • Time Zone, Currency, Industry Category - are these correct
  • Bot Filtering - Ensuring Bots are not included in traffic data
  • Bounce Rate - Too high/low can be a symptom of tracking issues
  • Mobile Users - Does it seem consistent for your industry, if not, there could be a theme issue

Code Errors

As we work, we are always on the lookout for any errors that may impact the success of your site. We report on JavaScript, Browser and GA errors discovered. If applicable, we offer advice on solutions to these.

AMP Tracking

Using AMP Pages? We configure Analytics to track AMP pages appropriately. Generally we track them on the same ID and use segments to analyse separately. This offers the best of both worlds, being able to combine or separate your page variants (AMP/Non-AMP) with ease. We also check & advise on a common BigCommerce AMP bug that causes many mobile users to be unable to add to cart!

Enable Ecommerce & Enhanced Ecommerce Reporting

Configure eCommerce & Enhanced Ecommerce Tracking - a relatively new addition to BigCommerce.

Google Signals Report

We report on the configuration of Google Signals, Demographics & Interest Reporting, Remarketing & Advertising Reporting Features and the Privacy Policy implications of your configuration

Google Page Analytics & Enhanced Link Attribution

Advise on the Page Analytics Chrome Extension and Configure Enhanced Link Attribution

Paypal Referral Configuration

Configure for correct Paypal sales attribution

Internal Site Search configuration

We configure your internal site search parameters and categories in Google Analytics so you can see what and how people search your site. This valuable report can lead to better navigation and increased conversions.

Configure Brand Terms & Channel Groupings

We configure your brand terms and channel groupings so you can separately analyze the performance of your brand and generic paid search keywords, which may have radically different performance metrics.

Customer Event Tracking

We configure a number of key events so you can track the following:

  • Customer Clicks for External, Phone, Email, Social Profile & Download Links
  • JavaScript Errors - very useful for identifying when/where bugs ae introduced

Goal Configuration

(Contact/Subscription form submission, Orders received, Phone/Email/Social/Download Clicks)

Make sure the goals of your BigCommerce Store are met - We configure Analytics Goals for

  • Contact & Newsletter Form Completions
  • Completed Orders
  • Phone/Email/Social & Download Clicks

Checkout Funnel/Checkout Process Tracking

Your checkout should be optimized to ensure the smooth completion of orders. We configure a step-by-step funnel visualization to assist you in identifying where customers are dropping out.

Unfiltered View

Make sure all of your data is captured - We configure a Google recommended Unfiltered View

Missing Pages Report

We configure a report which identifies what pages are being visited that result in a 404 error? For a variety of reasons, this is a common problem among many BigCommerce customers that results in thousands of dollars in lost revenue.

Unauthorized Page Report

Similar to Missing Pages, sometimes pages are visited that a customer does not have access to. Identify and remedy these with our Unauthorized Page Report

All this, for only AU$400 + GST which is about US$283 or 250€!

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