Give yourself an advantage and make more sales.

Web Site Advantage is all about providing advice and support in giving your business an advantage over your competitors on the internet.

There are several aspects in doing this:

Correctly Designed Website

Search engines examine your website to find out what you are about. When people use search engines this information is processed to decide if your website is relevant to the search query made. If so, you have a chance of showing up in the search results.

Correctly designing your website so that the search engines can gather as much relevant information as possible is a good way to improve your chances in the search engine world. This is commonly known as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Many of the articles in this website focus on best practices that should be adhered to in order to ensure your website is optimised to get the most out of search engines.

I offer services to report to you on how you can improve your website so that search engines will like it more.

Link Building

A website sitting on its own will not attract many people. This is why it is very important to promote your website over the internet by getting relevant and respected website to link back to your website.

This has two main benefits.

First, those links will directly send people to your website creating a new source of potential customers.

Secondly, search engines take into account the popularity of websites when deciding which ones it will include at the top of their search results. The more popular you are the better chance you have of being number 1 in search results. A major factor in their determining your popularity is based on the number and quality of incoming links your website has. So, each incoming link boosts your websites popularity and your potential position in search results.

Paid Advertising

An alternate way to attract customers is to pay for adverts on search engines or other websites. You can pay as little as 10c per visitor to your website. This sort of online advertising can be very cost effective as you only pay if someone actually visits your website. This is a bit like only paying for parts of your TV or paper advert when people who see it enter your shop!

I offer services to setup a Google AdWords advertising campaign & then manage it.